At HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, "Life matters" is in our DNA. If something matters to you, it matters to us, because we believe life is about people helping people. That's why we love to support our Hawaii communities by investing in people, their hopes, and their dreams.

Special moments are shared best through stories. So tell us your Life matters experience! How is your high school team making a real difference in your community? How does it show "heart" away from the game? If selected, your athletic team will win a $1,000 contribution to your school's team or athletic department!

Two winning teams will be spotlighted for their Life matters efforts, with each team receiving $1,000, presented at the ScoringLive Distinguished Athlete Awards banquet held following the conclusion of the sports year.

SHARE YOUR TEAMS' LIFE MATTERS MOMENT by sending an email to [email protected]. Please make sure to include the school and sport being nominated when submitting your nomination.

Nominations will be accepted through March 31, 2018. Good luck!

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2016-17 WINNERS

Nanakuli Football

"Nanakuli High School Football Team has always gave back to their school and community. Every season the coaches and staff always have a team bonding aura. It's not like it's just to get together but it's always something like beach clean-ups, building a playground for our keikis in Helelua and cleaning up the school. Everyday the players and coaches are learning new experiences in the community and always are volunteering their services to a place that they call home "NANAKULI"."

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Waipahu Football

"Waipahu High School football teams' mission is to mold and inspire each player to be a positive role model at home, in school and in the community. They believe that doing things right, having integrity, and respecting others will translate to success on the football field and more important, in life. This year there has been a lot of progress in prioritizing what is important. The number one priority that was focused on was academics, being a student first and athlete second. In the previous year, a grade point average lower than 2.0 or failing a core subject would force the athlete to sit out for two straight games. That caused morale to go down for all players on the team. This year they had a plan the student athletes that were achieving higher grade point averages would dedicate time before the season to assist their fellow teammates who were struggling. They would study in a group, study one on one, and spend time on weekends. In 2015 half of the team was on academic probation, in 2016 only 5 started off on academic probation, and during the season only 2 team members were on probation. This really bonded the team and the brotherhood was strong. The Waipahu Marauder Football team became a family. They live by their Code of Conduct referred to as the Marauder Way. The Code of Conduct is posted in every classroom so it is visual to every student on what was expected of every football player. Wednesdays was dedicated to dress for success day. Every football player came to school in collared shirt and dress slacks. The reason for this is to lead by example in a professional manner. On Fridays it was a tradition for them to sing their Alma Mater proudly as a unit which shows pride, commitment, passion, that their school was a part of their life and it mattered. Being a Waipahu Marauder Football Player was a privilege and not a right. The Waipahu High School Football team made a commitment to go out in the community volunteering their service to assist in whatever is needed. They participated in two community service events and both of the farms were in dire need for volunteers during the summer. These boys worked very hard. It was very labor intensive and after they were through for the day they went to football practice. They didn't complain, they worked together, sacrificed their summer and the bond of the team strengthened to the next level. The practices were better, there was no finger pointing, they would support one another and mistakes were welcomed because everyone on the team mattered. It didn't matter if you were a starter, second string or didn't play at all. What mattered was their brotherhood and how they cared about one another, the school and the community. Although the team encountered some adversity, because they are a strong unit they were able to move past it and inspired one another to be a positive role model. Their football record in 2015 was 1 win 5 losses; in 2016 there was a huge improvement with 8 wins and 3 losses. They also went to the OIA DIVISION II playoffs and the State Championship. The Waipahu Marauder Football team was successful this year because of every individual player's commitment to each other, being a role model at home to their siblings, to other students in the school and to be there for their community. To them everything in life mattered and the journey in 2016 was a great adventure and they are looking forward to 2017."

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2015-16 WINNERS

Farrington Football
Mililani Girls Soccer
Mid-Pacific Boys Soccer

2014-15 WINNERS

Leilehua Cheerleading
Mid-Pacific Softball
Mid-Pacific Boys Soccer

2013-14 WINNERS

Mililani Football
Kailua Softball
Hilo Girls Basketball