At HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, "Life matters" is in our DNA. If something matters to you, it matters to us, because we believe life is about people helping people. That's why we love to support our Hawaii communities by investing in people, their hopes, and their dreams.

Special moments are shared best through stories. So tell us your Life matters experience! How is your high school team making a real difference in your community? How does it show "heart" away from the game? If selected, your athletic team will win a $1,000 contribution to your school's team or athletic department!

Two winning teams will be spotlighted for their Life matters efforts, with each team receiving $1,000, presented at the ScoringLive Distinguished Athlete Awards banquet held following the conclusion of the sports year.

SHARE YOUR TEAMS' LIFE MATTERS MOMENT by sending an email to [email protected]. Please make sure to include the school and sport being nominated when submitting your nomination.

Nominations will be accepted through March 27, 2017. Good luck!

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2015-16 WINNERS

Mililani Girls Soccer

"The Mililani High School girls soccer program participated in (5) community service projects for the season year 2015-2016. Our program of coaches and players believe in the responsibility and opportunity in supporting the communities we live in. We partner with American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) to conduct free player clinics that reach out to players 5yrs -12 yrs old and instructed players on proper soccer techniques, proper warm up and team work. In attendance for (3) consecutive Saturdays average about 95-105 players with coaches. Hawaii Special Olympics and Mililani High School girls soccer has formed a bond for many years. The Mililani girls participates as referees, scoretakers, and volunteers in the annual Hawaii Special Olympics Soccer tournament held every August. During the Christmas holiday we organize, collect and deliver canned goods, monetary donations and nonperishable items to the Hawaii Foodbank. The girls soccer program also participated in 'Mililani Community Make a Difference Day' with volunteer positions. We also participated in HPD traffic awareness program and held signs outside of our school to promote safe and slow driving."

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Farrington football

"Farrington High School's football team has many qualities. As individuals, it wasn't easy for some of them to become apart of the team and feel like they belonged. With all the criticism and drama that the team has received, they managed to get past that by putting God first. When they're on that field, all they can think about is playing football. But off the field, they're more involved with their community and the school in general. In our school we have a life skill department that's filled with fascinating students that needs more attention that other students. This life skills program was opened to anyone that wanted to help them get through high school easier. These students re special, they're not like any other student in the school. They have a hard time adjusting to their surroundings, and they tend to get bullied. This is where the football team jumps in, every Friday's they would have lunch with these students at the cafeteria. They would play games with them, eat with them and laugh with them. In Farrington, we call it "Friends Program". They're not only becoming their friends, but they're helping them accomplish or achieve their goals and dreams. You see, every year the program would join the Olympics for special students like them. Other schools with the life skills program would join and play certain sports. Usually, the boys wouldn't go out to support because we didn't know about it. But now, they've been attending the Olympics every year. Making sure they wouldn't miss a single second of them competing. Before the Olympics, they would go a field trip with these students to the bowling alley. It's sort of like a, "team bonding" for the students. Its great for the students because the football boys are making a difference. Its a privilege to witness history in the making. Just seeing these kids smile because the boys are making their day is the greatest feeling EVER! People at school was starting to take notice, so they wanted to help as well. They began the 'R campaign,' to end the R word. If you didn't know what that word is, it's Retard. We believe that this word is a bad word, that it's such a strong word to hurt other people. So then they began an activity at school. It was a way to get the school on one page, it was phenomenal. The gym was filled with posters, and yellow papers that had the word 'Retard' or 'r word' on them. They even had performances with the football boys & the students. At the end of the activity, all the posters were filled with people's names, pledging that they'll never use that word again. Later, they we would say the pledge as a group and we ripped that yellow paper up. Ending the use of the R word! But that doesn't end there, prom is up next. They said they couldn't have a prom because of their disabilities. But we made it happen for them. The football boys would stay after school, spend their lunch time, planning their prom. On the day of their prom, they would come in early to help set up. It was really cute, when we seen all of them coming all dressed up and ready to dance. It was really fun. The football boys didn't hesitate to dance with them either, they took pictures with them, ate with them. They did everything with them. But they weren't done yet, they tend to go to Shriners hospital as well. Just to visit the kids, and you know get to know them better. They would also go to other schools in our district to talk about their goals and dreams and how they shouldn't give up just because we're from Kalihi. The football boys have come a long way, they deserve to be where they're at as of this moment. I'm proud to say that these football boys are my classmates, and we go to the same school. I've witnessed them grow into young men all my four years of high school, and I'm proud to call them a team that represents Farrington High School."

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2014-15 WINNERS

Leilehua Cheerleading
Mid-Pacific Softball, boys' soccer
Mid-Pacific Boys Soccer

2013-14 WINNERS

Mililani Football
Kailua Softball
Hilo Girls Basketball