The Taco Bell Free Throw Challenge tracks team free throw percentages throughout the season, with a winning boys and girls team rewarded with an end-of-the-season fiesta each, courtesy of Taco Bell.

Ranking is based on each team's free throw percentage (free throws made divided by free throws attempted) earned during league play. League games include all regular season games as well as the playoffs, but not the state tournament.

Statistics must be submitted for EVERY LEAGUE GAME played in order to qualify for the contest. Games forfeited due to player ineligibility will disqualify the team from the contest.

In the event of a tie in percentage between first-place teams at the end of the contest, the team with the most free-throws made will be declared the winner.


Maryknoll (2022)
Maryknoll (2021)
Maui Prep (2019)
Maryknoll (2018)
Punahou II (2017)
Damien (2016)
Kalaheo (2015)
Campbell (2014)
Iolani (2013)
Punahou (2012)

Kamehameha-Hawaii (2022)
Iolani (2021)
Iolani (2019)
Kamehameha (2018)
Iolani (2017)
Kamehameha (2016)
Iolani (2015)
Punahou (2014)
University High (2013)
Kamehameha (2012)