The Pizza Hut D/ST Leaderboard tracks the state leaders in Special Teams and Defensive scoring throughout the REGULAR SEASON (only state tournament and non-league games are excluded), with the winning team rewarded with an end-of-the-season pizza fest.

Points are calculated based on the number of defensive and special teams touchdowns scored plus safeties, field goals and point after touchdowns (0.5 points per PAT kick, full credit for two-point conversions).

Statistics must be submitted for EVERY REGULAR SEASON GAME played in order to qualify for the contest. Games forfeited due to player ineligibility will disqualify the team from the contest.


Kahuku (2021)
Hilo (2019)
Saint Louis (2018)
Hilo (2017)
Kahuku (2016)
Kahuku (2015)
Farrington (2014)
Kamehameha-Kapalama (2013)
Radford (2012)


Contest starts August 10. Stay tuned! PTS